Engel Dropshipping

More than 70 years providing quality service to our beauty professional clients.

Engel group is the leading European company in the beauty sector. We offer Dropshipping service of perfumes, cosmetics, makeup and hair care, among other categories. Our catalogue has more than 20.000 references from more than 500 prestigious brands.

Dropshipping is a coordinated sales service with direct delivery to the end customer, that is, a system through which you can sell all our products, without a strong initial investment in your online store, without the need to store merchandise at your own expense, as we become your operator logistics and we handle the direct shipping to the customer.

We have a number of external collaborators who will provide you with the necessary services for the start-up of your business in the areas of web design, graphic design and programming.

Requirements to be a client

Be a company or self-employed.

Initial deposit of 500 euros.

Minimum annual sales volume of 30,000 euros.

Inactivity no greater than 3 months without notice.

If you want more information or sign up in our dropshipping system, please proceed with the register.